Lucas J Pitcher – TimeLight Photographic

Photography is an art and a science, a fascinating mixture of the technical and the aesthetic.
As I’ve learned more about taking and making images, I’ve moved from being purely amateur, (not a derogatory term at all, rather it refers to someone who does what they do for the sheer love of it, rather than for profit), to a semi-professional photographer, (again, not a value judgement, but simply a term describing someone who is paid for their work from time to time).

On the technical side, photography is all about Light and Time – Shutter speed and Aperture, hence ‘Timelight Photographic’.
The earlier incarnation of my FB photography page and other social media were named after a pun based on my name – ‘Pitcheresque Imagery’. That worked for a while, but I began to wonder if people thought that I couldn;t spell… plus it was not very professional-sounding, and rather hard to search for online. So, Timelight Photogrraphic was born.

This blog will cover shoots and projects, with incidental information thrown in for good measure.
I’m constantly growing into my photographic and post-production skills, so I’ll be developing my abilities as I go along – you can read and watch here, and I’d be delighted to think that I inspired you to do the same.

Based in Oakley, Bedfordshire, I work across the UK, with a focus on the East Midlands, Anglia and London regions, and I frequently travel further afield to follow my passion… some would say obsession… for capturing moments and creating images.

My portfolio covers a wide range, through Wedding photography, Historical and Fantastical Fashion images, covering Outdoor and Martial Arts Events, Personal, Historical and Corporate Portraits, to art images from Macro, Landscape, Still Life & Abstract work.

You’ll find me, and Timelight on various social media – check out the website and FB pages for full details:
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